Friday, May 27, 2011

Nellz: Band logo

Band Logo: We R Nation

by Jesse 'Nellz' Nelson

My band is We R Nation; we're a rap/rock band with socially conscious lyrics, but with a bit of a party side. Kinda like P.O.D mixed with Linkin Park mixed with Killswitch Engage type aggression.


  1. I like them all Jesse. But I really love the top right one! I think that it would be sweet if you could tighten the design up more so that the type is closer to the fist and the star. Also it would look cool if the star in the wrist, if it's points were touching the outside of the wrists. so it bleeds into that negative space.

  2. I agree with Marcelo. The top right is nice. If the type was tighter and set it would be just right. The star could use some tweaking, either have it all bleed like Marcelo says, or bring the bottom points in a bit.