Sunday, June 26, 2011

Savage Villians

My good scanner is buster, or rather my computer, so I had to scan this in with my scanner printer and put it together. This is my submission for this weeks theme. Its another piece I have been wanting to do for some time. I plan on coloring it and will post that when I can.
Its based on an Alex Ross piece but with Savage Dragon characters. A gold star to whoever can name them all! Please comment, Id love to know what you guys think


  1. I think this looks pretty sweet though I have NO idea who these guys are haha. And I don't know the Alex Ross piece it's based on... But I can say I like it and love the hatching going on. Makes great gray tones at the smaller size.

  2. Thanks! Im working on coloring it now. Im afraid some of the solid blacks got too heav, so hopefully the coloring will bring them back a little. I dont think anyone here will know these characters, but that doesnt make them any less awesome